2014 Review and 2015 preview

Though no blows were landed –not even thrown– last Tuesday’s program was a lively discussion of where we are, where we’re going and how to get there. President Matt and president-elect, Celeste Thomas, refereed. If we continue with Blues and Brews, Celeste urged doing away with the live auction. “It’s just too much effort for too little return.” Someone then suggested doing away with B&B altogether and simply assessing each member $300 or so. Dennis Veccia pointed out that many of our members have not yet paid the $150 for the tickets they were assigned last November.

In addition to suggested Future Club Activities shown below, Greg Trotter suggested that that the $1,900 we have eligible for matching funds from the Rotary Foundation be used to co-sponsor the Florida Smiles “cleft” project about which we were told last week. “Those funds are in the District Treasury and, if we don’t designate their use by March, the opportunity for a matching grant will be lost,” said Dennis.

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With the proposal of Committee Chairs & Co-Chairs, Delmar announced that he and Judy will be moving close to grandchildren in Ponte Vedra Beach at the end of April. That means we’ll need a volunteer newsletter editor and photographer. Obviously –in relation to Delmar’s publications– no skills or talents are needed. However, whoever volunteers and accepts the challenge will have the opportunity to learn more than you ever wanted to know about cameras, flash photography and post-camera photo editing.

Discussion ensued with hopes that firm decisions will be reached at the Board of Directors meeting following tomorrow’s meeting. President Matt’s agenda for the Board meeting is attached to this e-mail, so be sure to read it, print it and bring it to the meeting.


Past president, John Beacham, arrived fashionably late last week. That’s not unusual but the fact that he was fashionably attired was.

John was wearing a beautiful pair of cowboy boots! Hmmmmmmm. And all these years we thought John was (drumroll please) an Indian!  😉