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GUEST SPEAKER: Kari Williams – Rotary Peace Scholar Award Winner

Our club proudly welcomed Kari Williams this past April. Kari is the District “Rotary Peace Scholar,” and she earned a master’s degree in Peace and Conflict Resolution from UCF. This summer, Kari will be heading to the University of Bradford in the U.K., where she will study at the Rotary Peace Center. Kari spoke about the need for programs around the world, like the Rotary Peace Center scholarship, and how their work can translate into prevention and resolution of conflicts. In past years, our club has looked to sponsor students applying for the Peace Scholar program, most recently with Ms. Kyle Koob in 2006.

GUEST SPEAKER: Sharon Celcis – OPD’s Robbery Program

OPD’s Sharon Celcis is no strange speaker at our club. Strange, perhaps, but she’s visited us before. Hmmmmm. That doesn’t sound quite right. BUT, suffice it to say, Sharon always joins in the fun and provides an outstanding program! Speaking about OPD’s ‘Robbery Program,’ she used Alan Frankel in a demonstration of how eye-witness testimony is often invalid and inaccurate. In the photo, Alan is not brushing his hair [or lack thereof] but he’s shielding his eyes and relying on short-term memory to describe Sharon’s physical features, clothing, etc. Actually, Alan’s recall was amazingly accurate in comparison with “normal” people. However, he had previously operated a check cashing business and, in order to survive, was trained to be very observant. (Hmmmmm. I wonder what Maureen might say about that).

Forewarned about the nature of our members, Officer Derwin Bradley brought only plastic toy weapons to the meeting and kept his real pistol carefully holstered. “Robbery is not burglary and burglary is not robbery,” he explained. “If you call 911 to report either one, be sure to tell them whether you’ve been robbed or burglarized so that they can send the right officers and equipment to the scene of the crime!.” “Comply! Comply! Comply!” were the instructions of what to do during a robbery and, if you’re ever in a hostage situation: “Try not to go with them!” Great Program and Great Advice!

GUEST SPEAKER: Alexander Warmka, Regulatory Consultant with Florida Department of Agriculture’s Division of Consumer Affairs

Alexander Warmka, Regulatory Consultant with Florida Department of Agriculture’s Division of Consumer Affairs, reminded us that even Florida has a regulatory agency and numerous employees watching out for and working to protect consumers.

image012 image014 image016 image022

‘Do Not Call/ tops the list of complaints from Florida consumers. Alexander urges everyone to register on both national and Florida state lists. Florida made registration free in 2012.

Learn more by visiting www.tinyURL.com/FlConsumerAffairs. GREAT JOB, Alexander! Even though you’re not follickly challenged, you’ll be welcome back to Orlando Breakfast Rotary any time. Hmmmmm. How about joining us as a dues-paying member?


Fellow Breakfast Rotarians, don’t get paranoid when you see officers and detectives from the Orlando Police Department at Tuesday morning’s meeting. ‘Crime Prevention’ will be the program. Such subjects on crime often turn out to be “How To” and could be of great interest to several of our members.


WOW!!!! IF Eddy Moratin had attended more OBRO meetings we would have known what a worthwhile program he’s heading. In fact, LIFT Orlando could be eligible for future  OBRO and Rotary International matching fund grants. Certainly, Eddy, we would never ‘bribe’ you to attend regularly but we hope you can and will. 😉

We were delighted to learn that Eddy is one of the most uplifting and articulate speakers we’ve had and that our own Orange Center Elementary school is a cornerstone of LIFT’s challenge of “Breaking the cycle of poverty through neighborhood revitalization.”

image005  image006  image008

In the early planning stage, the LIFT project envisioned a large geographic area outlined below in blue. Practical experience in other cities, however, evidenced greater success in more concentrated areas. Orlando’s 3/4 square mile area is outlined in red in the photo below. Note: Orange Center Elementary anchors the bottom-left (SW) corner. Be sure to click the blue and underlined hyperlinks in the text above for more information on this ambitious and worthwhile project.

image014  image015  image017

OBRO’s past president, John Beacham, has yet again earned yet another award: the African American Chamber of Commerce Entrepreneur Of the Year! Joining him on stage were:

John Davis, African American Chamber Pres.; Clerk of the court and African American Chamber of Commerce Board Chair, Tiffany Moore; Kent Beacham; Brooke Beacham; Joseph Beacham; Lathan Beacham; past Chamber Chair, Veronese Atkins PhD and Regina Raleigh.

It’s a good thing kids don’t always look like their fathers, as evidenced by John’s really good-looking: Brooke, Joseph and Latham.

image020  image022  image024

2014 Review and 2015 preview

Though no blows were landed –not even thrown– last Tuesday’s program was a lively discussion of where we are, where we’re going and how to get there. President Matt and president-elect, Celeste Thomas, refereed. If we continue with Blues and Brews, Celeste urged doing away with the live auction. “It’s just too much effort for too little return.” Someone then suggested doing away with B&B altogether and simply assessing each member $300 or so. Dennis Veccia pointed out that many of our members have not yet paid the $150 for the tickets they were assigned last November.

In addition to suggested Future Club Activities shown below, Greg Trotter suggested that that the $1,900 we have eligible for matching funds from the Rotary Foundation be used to co-sponsor the Florida Smiles “cleft” project about which we were told last week. “Those funds are in the District Treasury and, if we don’t designate their use by March, the opportunity for a matching grant will be lost,” said Dennis.

image015  image016  image014  image017

image020  image019

With the proposal of Committee Chairs & Co-Chairs, Delmar announced that he and Judy will be moving close to grandchildren in Ponte Vedra Beach at the end of April. That means we’ll need a volunteer newsletter editor and photographer. Obviously –in relation to Delmar’s publications– no skills or talents are needed. However, whoever volunteers and accepts the challenge will have the opportunity to learn more than you ever wanted to know about cameras, flash photography and post-camera photo editing.

Discussion ensued with hopes that firm decisions will be reached at the Board of Directors meeting following tomorrow’s meeting. President Matt’s agenda for the Board meeting is attached to this e-mail, so be sure to read it, print it and bring it to the meeting.


Past president, John Beacham, arrived fashionably late last week. That’s not unusual but the fact that he was fashionably attired was.

John was wearing a beautiful pair of cowboy boots! Hmmmmmmm. And all these years we thought John was (drumroll please) an Indian!  😉



Our speaker last week was Ruth Bowling from Florida Hospital. Her program was one which not only brought tears to many eyes but made each and every one of us PROUD TO BE A ROTARIAN! Ruth said that Rotary International had helped accomplish what Florida Hospital and its over 23,000 employees could not. With influential contacts around the world, Rotarians have arranged for their doctors to travel to other countries and perform lifesaving operations on children from impoverished families. “Florida Smiles” is a program started by Winter Park Rotary Club and Florida Hospital to heal children around the world born with clefts. Here is a one-minute video which is well worth watching: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=P5QtZ2BuJ60&feature=youtu.be

Here’s another YouTube video that shows the entire story of a child born with a cleft lip and palate in Mexico, and how we partnered to heal this little one: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=N0_WmT6WUhw

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The Orlando Breakfast Rotary Club meets every Tuesday at 7:30am at the Crowne Plaza Orlando-Downtown in Downtown Orlando. Parking is free.

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