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Upcoming Events

Here are the upcoming programs scheduled for Orlando Breakfast Rotary on Tuesdays @ 7:30am:
  •     August 19                    Mark Anthony Brennan; Linked-In and how it can help you
  •     August 26                    Matt Lonam;  Literacy
  •     September 2                Isabella Morgia di Vicari; Building Families with Dinner
  •     September 9                Celeste Thomas; Blues and Brews planning


Social Media Part 3 at Rotary

Elena Strouthopoulos and the Orlando Sentinel provided the third of four programs on Social Media. Mark Anthony Brennan was our verrrrrrry informative and engaging speaker. Did you know that whatever you’re doing on Facebook is probably what you should not be doing on Twitter? Or that Google+ is probably yet another media you should be using? Are millennials important prospects for your business? Answers to these and other important questions for Inquiring Minds will be revealed at next Tuesday’s meeting when Elena introduces another expert to help you grow your business via social media! 


As a reminder to mark your calendars for Saturday August 9 at 9:00 a.m. at Gray Robinson, 301 E. Pine St, Orlando FL 32801.  Click Here to view photos of last year’s FUNDERFULL ‘Pack the Backpacks for OCE’ event:



Social Media & Social Hour

Good News! After being fed an aspirin and after just 1/2 hour, Bill Staiger was in surgery at Florida Hospital for a heart attack. That was a few weeks ago BUT he’s now back with us and plans to be for a verrrrry long time. Bill is less than 50 and has never smoked or drunk alcohol. “That was the problem,” said Greg Goetz. 😉


Good News! Elena Strouthopoulos, one of our newer members, was in charge of programs for this and the next three weeks. The timely topic is ‘Social Media’ and should be of interest and benefit to every business and professional Rotarian and even to us old farts folks who want to keep up with the grandkids. First speaker in this series of informative programs was Pam Davis with the Orlando Sentinel’s Digital Marketing Services. Describing Pam’s presentation as “enlightening and edifying” would be an understatement. “Effervescent” and numerous other superlatives would need to be added to describe her terrrrrrrific program. Pam will be a hard act to follow but I have no doubt that Elena has lined up someone who is up the challenge.

Good News! Good Time Girls, Debra Drake & Isabella Morgia di Vicari, did a great job in setting up our Social Hour at Ember Bar & Restaurant last Thursday. Approximately 18 people came in out of the rain and avoided rush hour to enjoy cocktails, hors d’oeuvres and great company. HEY! LET’S DO THIS MORE OFTEN!


What detours might you be taking and/or what alternative forms of transportation might you be using during the next 30 years as at least six transformational projects change our lifestyles in the Orlando region? Inquiring minds want to know! Last week’s speaker, Harold Barley, Executive Director of Metropolitan Orlando’s Regional Transportation Partnership provided us with lots of questions and set the stage for our speakers during the next five weeks to provide us with answers! Seldom has any series of programs raised such interest! Response has been soooooo great that President Beacham has requested that the University Club set up an additional table for the expected crowds. (Haven’t you, John)?



It should come as no surprise that our own Roy Kobert is already using an alternative form of transportation or that, as an attorney, he offered to take our guest from North Carolina, “Cheerful Charlie” Delmar, for a ride!


Not only is attendance at OBRO meetings improving but our membership numbers are growing! Quality is also improving (no offense, Steve) as new members take active interests and participate in our projects. Two of our most recent members, Isabella Morgia di Vicari and Eddy Moratin, provided special sweets and delicacies to Orange Center Elementary school for Teacher Appreciation Week. OBRO donated $300 in gift cards for door prizes and drinks for the breakfast. Special thanks to Greg Goetz, Steve Lang, Debra Drake and Celeste’s son Garett for the pick-up and delivery of all the goods to the school.  🙂


Once again, Tuesday’s program will be the second in a six-part series on Regional Transportation and we’re looking for a full house. Why not bring one, or even both, of your friends?



With yet another timely topic, Jim Downing introduced Pam Kinder, Executive Director of the Holocaust Memorial Resource & Education Center of Florida. Pam’s program was especially timely, coming to us on one of the official United States Days of Remembrance. Symbolic of this very special day was the lighting of seven candles: six in memory of over six million Jews and one candle for over one million intellectuals, homosexuals, artists, musicians and other opponents who were persecuted and murdered by the Nazis during the 1930s – 1940s.


Rooted in Holocaust history, the “UpStanders: Stand Up To Bullying” initiative is two-year, five-part program that empowers students to be UpStanders rather than ByStanders to bullying. The Nazis and their collaborators used language to insult, demean, isolate and dehumanize their victims — much like bullies [mis]treat their targets today.

Lest we forget — and forbid we repeat — one of the darkest times in world history, the Holocaust Center should be visited by all responsible citizens who refuse to be brainwashed by partisan politicians or propaganda broadcasters who might otherwise cause history to be repeated.



The Orlando Breakfast Rotary Club meets every Tuesday at 7:30am at the Crowne Plaza Orlando-Downtown in Downtown Orlando. Parking is free.

304 W. Colonial Dr.
Orlando, Florida 32801