WOW!!!! IF Eddy Moratin had attended more OBRO meetings we would have known what a worthwhile program he’s heading. In fact, LIFT Orlando could be eligible for future  OBRO and Rotary International matching fund grants. Certainly, Eddy, we would never ‘bribe’ you to attend regularly but we hope you can and will. 😉

We were delighted to learn that Eddy is one of the most uplifting and articulate speakers we’ve had and that our own Orange Center Elementary school is a cornerstone of LIFT’s challenge of “Breaking the cycle of poverty through neighborhood revitalization.”

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In the early planning stage, the LIFT project envisioned a large geographic area outlined below in blue. Practical experience in other cities, however, evidenced greater success in more concentrated areas. Orlando’s 3/4 square mile area is outlined in red in the photo below. Note: Orange Center Elementary anchors the bottom-left (SW) corner. Be sure to click the blue and underlined hyperlinks in the text above for more information on this ambitious and worthwhile project.

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OBRO’s past president, John Beacham, has yet again earned yet another award: the African American Chamber of Commerce Entrepreneur Of the Year! Joining him on stage were:

John Davis, African American Chamber Pres.; Clerk of the court and African American Chamber of Commerce Board Chair, Tiffany Moore; Kent Beacham; Brooke Beacham; Joseph Beacham; Lathan Beacham; past Chamber Chair, Veronese Atkins PhD and Regina Raleigh.

It’s a good thing kids don’t always look like their fathers, as evidenced by John’s really good-looking: Brooke, Joseph and Latham.

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