GUEST SPEAKER: Sharon Celcis – OPD’s Robbery Program

OPD’s Sharon Celcis is no strange speaker at our club. Strange, perhaps, but she’s visited us before. Hmmmmm. That doesn’t sound quite right. BUT, suffice it to say, Sharon always joins in the fun and provides an outstanding program! Speaking about OPD’s ‘Robbery Program,’ she used Alan Frankel in a demonstration of how eye-witness testimony is often invalid and inaccurate. In the photo, Alan is not brushing his hair [or lack thereof] but he’s shielding his eyes and relying on short-term memory to describe Sharon’s physical features, clothing, etc. Actually, Alan’s recall was amazingly accurate in comparison with “normal” people. However, he had previously operated a check cashing business and, in order to survive, was trained to be very observant. (Hmmmmm. I wonder what Maureen might say about that).

Forewarned about the nature of our members, Officer Derwin Bradley brought only plastic toy weapons to the meeting and kept his real pistol carefully holstered. “Robbery is not burglary and burglary is not robbery,” he explained. “If you call 911 to report either one, be sure to tell them whether you’ve been robbed or burglarized so that they can send the right officers and equipment to the scene of the crime!.” “Comply! Comply! Comply!” were the instructions of what to do during a robbery and, if you’re ever in a hostage situation: “Try not to go with them!” Great Program and Great Advice!